Amazing software for any situation
Amazing software for any situation

Do you need to manage clients, track sales or keep inventory under control? Maybe you want to coordinate events like weddings, social events or club meetings. How about that mailing list you have to administer every month? Whatever you do, managing information is essential to any successful venture. This is where Lodge Street Systems can help. We are professional system designers FileMaker Pro developers who have produced dozens of robust and fully customised systems in many different industries. From retail POS systems to payroll management, from social club membership systems to sales lead tracking. Even managing your horticultural or agricultural business is possible.

A customised system can mean different things to individual businesses. Some companies may want a paperless office whilst another company might want a front-end sales module for their accounting system. A club may want something as simple as a way to keep track of their members details yet a sports club might want to monitor their team member’s performances as well as storing each player’s personal details. Whatever you need, Lodge Street Systems can help you implement a system that fits your unique needs.

Generic or “Off the Shelf” software is usually made to cover a multitude of industries and rarely meets your specific needs. We can offer you a customised software solution that is tailored to meet your exact requirements.

During the development process, we work extensively with you to create your own unique, fully functional system. We take the time to understand the factors that define your business, allowing us to properly analyse your particular requirements. We look for repetitive tasks, redundant processes, data-entry duplication, potential security holes etc. to give you a more efficient way to manage your information. You will be amazed how much a streamlined system will save you time, money and paperwork headaches.

What is Claris FileMaker?

Claris FileMaker is powerful software used to create custom business solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web. FileMaker Pro Server is fast, reliable server software to share data securely with groups of FileMaker and FileMaker Go users. FileMaker Server includes the breakthrough FileMaker WebDirect technology that delivers desktop-style solutions in a web browser. The Claris FileMaker platform connects teams to multiple data sources, including: live, two-way links to common SQL sources; integration with popular data formats such as Excel and PDF; and support for industry standard APIs. 

FileMaker Go – Mobile Systems using the iPad/iPhone 
Since the introduction of mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, there is a growing trend towards more flexible solutions that allow your staff to get out from behind their desk and access/enter information remotely. With FileMaker Go and today’s wireless technologies, your staff can access all your products details while talking to customers as they browse your store. There are so many new opportunities available with these new mobile devices. For example, a sports club can keep track of a player’s performance during a game and either connect live via the mobile phone network or sync their data with the main system later on. A salesperson can take orders on the road without having to use a laptop and update any new orders when they return to the office. Any device with a 3/4/5G connection can process an order as they happen and even access any information from the main system instantaneously regardless of location. A mobile systems can even accept an electronic signature while on the road.

A live mobile system can give you the ability to check inventory in the warehouse, update patient medical records while making rounds, create invoices during client visits, or organise research notes in the field.

  • Conduct inventory checks while in the warehouse
  • Generate sales orders at a customer site
  • Track shipping and receiving activities
  • Check in attendees onsite for an event
  • Update project status while traveling
  • Look up contacts from anywhere
  • Add research notes while in the field
  • Accept an electronic signature on the mobile device

Customised Solutions using FileMaker Server, SQL and the Internet
Discover how much time you can save by using software created especially for your needs. Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks increases your profit and also keeps your administration needs down to a minimum. A customised FileMaker Pro solution can manage your information flow so you can get on with your core business.

Some situations may require more than just FileMaker Pro and luckily Lodge Street Systems can combine your system with other technologies like PHP, Javascript, REST, ODBC, JDBC, JSON, XML, SQL etc. By utilising internet related technologies, it may be possible to cut costs by reducing the number of FileMaker licences needed. You can have licence free access for each user via a web browser.

Common Implementations

  • Custom Business Applications – Purpose built applications developed for a specific niche need such as product tracking or contact management.
  • Business Process Automation – Eliminate manual processes for greater efficiency, reduced human error and increased cost savings.
  • Custom Workflow – Clearly define roles, improve compliance and systematically organise the way you work for greater consistency.
  • Smart Forms and Data Management – Improve data capture and quality of the user experience.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) – Improve collaboration and business responsiveness by using a custom built system.
  • Mobile Applications – Empower staff and customers to access business applications from anywhere in the world through mobile devices.