Over 25 years of Apple Macintosh experience

All Mac users know that they have an unfair advantage over their MS Windows counterparts. The Mac is notorious for being easy to use and very, very reliable. Unfortunately though, when something does go wrong or you need urgent advice, your choices are very limited in country areas. Lodge Street Systems changes all that.

No longer will you have to deal with major retailers who only sell Apple products without any technical support. No longer will you have to pay exorbitant fees just to fix a minor bug or a huge service fee just to book your Mac in. Lodge Street Systems will offer free advice over the phone and if we need to physically access your Mac, you won’t need a bank loan to pay for our service. At last … country Victoria has an affordable alternative for any Mac OSX related issues

Do you need to buy a new computer or put in a file server?
The choices are vast and there is a chance you will end up with the wrong equipment or software. There’s nothing worse than needing to upgrade unnecessarily because your needs have changed or your brand new system will not do what you first hoped. Planning is the key to a successful computer system and we can help you map out your needs so you get the most from your system for the years to come. We are not affiliated with any vendor so there is no bias towards a certain brand … except Apple of course. After consultation with you, we can recommend the most appropriate equipment at the best price to suit your needs exactly.