Lodge Street Systems are computer consultants and systems developers who specialise in creating custom software, specialised websites and helping clients with their computer needs. With over 25 years experience in Melbourne, Lodge Street Systems are now situated in Mildura, Victoria bringing big city expertise to the local area. We fill a big gap in regional Victoria where most existing computer companies are mainly focused on Windows based PCs, hardware and retail sales. Software/website developers and Mac OSX specialists are few and far between. Lodge Street Systems can now service local clients as well as still offering solutions to existing clients throughout Australia.

We have a broad range of experience on both Mac OSX and PC platforms covering most major industries. Clear, well thought out solutions and solid computer expertise can only come from many years of experience and with today’s advanced technology, keeping up to date is a daunting task. Today, your options are vast and we make it our goal to stay ahead of the pack. But not all technology is created equally and we only use selective technologies and tools that produce the best results for you, the client. The internet has certainly changed the way businesses operate and Lodge Street Systems keeps a clear perspective on what technologies are best suited for long term solutions. Over the years, our experience has taught us to stick to the basics and use technology only to enhance your business. We have learnt not to be slaves to the latest technology fad which might just complicate the end goal … a system that does what you want. In other words, we focus on offering clients a personalised real world solution that can be updated or modified easily yet be cost effective.